Popular Reality Show Part of New Event in Montana

For the uninitiated or the unfamiliar, hearing someone say that they need "ink therapy" may be a little odd.  But as someone who has begun his own tattoo journey in the last few years, I assure you, it really is a thing.


As odd as it may sound, being stabbed thousands of times by those little needles can take you away to the most calming of places.  That is until the artist begins using white ink and all bets are off which, I assure you, really is a thing.

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On The Road Show Will Be Hitting Kalispell in June

For fans of tattooing, whether as an artist or a canvas, the television show Ink Master is well known.  Originally hosted by musician and celebrity Dave Navarro and a celebrity panel of judges, the show featured various artists competing for a $100,000 prize.

Brad Barket
Brad Barket

Now fans will be able to check out the Ink Master Television Show Expositions being hosted across the country in Montana.  Beginning June 14th, 2024, the event will be held in Kalispell, MT for three days featuring tattooing, piercing and more.

Up To 80 Artists Available Through the Weekend in Montana

The 2024 Kalispell Ink Masters Expo will feature live tattooing Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Award-winning artists featured at the show will be doing various styles from black and white to full realism, traditional and color.

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Participants will also have a chance each day to register for a chance to win one of two tattoos being offered.  For more information on the event, you can submit questions or inquire about being a vendor or artist at the website here.

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