Montana is the best but it has its problems, like any other state. It's expensive to live here, taxes seem unfair, houses are ridiculous, out-of-staters are invading the Last Best Place and fentanyl-related deaths are on the rise

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Fortunately, Montana does NOT have an issue with crimes against semi-truck drivers.

A "Do Not Stop" list circulated on social media last week that highlights dangerous locations for trucks and truck drivers across the United States and Canada. I stumbled upon the list on the Reddit page "Mildly Interesting." There were locations in many of the Western states but none in Montana.

I reached out to Montana Highway Patrol Sergeant Jay Nelson for data on crimes against commercial vehicles but received word they don't keep track of those numbers. Nelson said they record commercial vehicle wrecks or crashes but not crimes against commercial vehicles or drivers.

Nelson mentioned in a voicemail that data could be mined in each county but "it would be a nightmare" to sift through it all.

By the way, congrats on retirement, Officer Nelson.

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Though there weren't Montana locations on the "Do Not Stop" list there were plenty out West. Washington had locations in Tacoma and Pasco (south Washington) highlighted. Oregon had two make the list near the Portland area. California and Colorado had numerous while Utah and Arizona each joined as well.

If there are any truck drivers that frequent Montana let us know if you've heard of any crime spikes against commercial vehicles and their drivers. We hope Montana's borders welcome our wonderful truck driver friends with open arms.

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