In a recent visit with my tax accountant, the subject of emotional support animals came up.  She is bothered by animals in the grocery store.  The worst she saw was a man with a bird on his shoulder, and droppings down the back of his shirt.  In a grocery store.

While service dogs are likely trained to be gentle, if someone reached over to pet the animal and the dog bites the hand by instinct, is the owner liable?

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I remember stories of odd support animals brought on planes, like the emotional support pony and the ES squirrel.  The wildest one is the emotional support tarantula.

Credit: MirekKijewski, TSM Media Center; Travis Lee

When I told a coworker about the spider, her response was, "If someone brought that on board, I would need the emotional support."

Doesn't Have to Be an Animal

My accountant informed me that the emotional support does not have to be an animal anymore.  Her kids have ES water bottles.  Can't go anywhere without them.  She even learned there have been health problems from people drinking too much water from these bottles.  It occurred to me after the great visit, how far removed is this from baby bottles?

I now know the item Montanans have and need.

The Emotional Support Firearm

Credit: Leon Neal, Getty Images

Imagine the comfort and peace of mind you can have in this wicked, stressful world with a ready handgun on your hip.  Can have the option of open carry or concealed by permit.  Doesn't even need to be a firearm; can be a knife too.  Just the view of a weapon will keep all those perceived threats at bay.

Now that I think about, I really feel the deep personal need for that level of support.  I'll be at a gun show the next time they're in town.

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