The ban on the popular social media app is supposed to take effect in 2024, but it might have a few issues.

If you haven't been living under a rock, you know Montana might be the first state to ban the social media app TikTok on personal devices by the beginning of 2024. TikTok is banned on government devices and can't be accessed using public university internet.

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When Governor Gianforte announced he would ban the app from personal devices in Montana, there was confusion on whether he could do that, and a fight in court was about to start.

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TikTok and creators instantly sued the government of Montana within the state and has now reached a federal judge to hear the case. How is it going? Not great for Montana's government.

The Montana federal judge criticized the state law trying to ban TikTok from personal devices and thinks that it might be overbearing on its citizens. The judge thinks this might be a gross overstep by the state government, which is a good sign for TikTok.

Montana's lawyers are trying to convince the judge because TikTok is based out of China, and it could be an intelligence gathering by exposing data of the users. The other side is convinced this violates the First Amendment, and the state's argument is invalid.

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Some folks think that TikTok is used by kids who replicate dances or make funny videos, but during the pandemic, many small businesses used the app to help keep their businesses afloat and sell their goods. If the ban happens, it could seriously hurt many small businesses in Montana.

There isn't a definitive timetable for the judge's ruling will happen, but he hopes it will come soon.

For more details, check out CNN Business.

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