Oh, she was so beautiful to watch growing up. One of the premier ice skaters of the late 80's and 90's, Oksana Baiul has won numerous trophies and medals in ice skating. Now, I was always rooting for America, however, this Ukrainian was still a household name back then and much loved at that.

Like so many internationally renowned athletes Olympic gold is the epitome of success. Oksana went pro after winning that Olympic gold medal in Lillehammer, Norway for ice skating in 1994 when she was 15 years old. American sweetheart Nancy Kerrigan won silver and Lu Chen from China won the bronze that year. Then Oksana moved to Connecticut according to Wikipedia.

But it's not her former home in Simsbury about 30 minutes north of Hartford where she laced up her skates and hit her driveway. I mean that could make some sense. In 2015 after marrying her manager, they moved to Shreveport, Louisiana.

What the what?!?

Yes, her ice-covered driveway in Louisiana became a rink for her and her daughter Sophia which Oksana posted on her Facebook page.

Thought…when you moved to #Shreveport and have sadly been deprived of ice beneath my golden blades for almost 2 years…and you are planning your exit…God opens up the sky and blessed us with private ice in our backyard, literally.

Yes, Louisiana.

How fun is this!  And how about this video where she's coaching her Sophia who clearly is quite talented and has those ice skating genes in her?

There's also this fun video where they take it to the ice-covered streets in their neighborhood where worrying about cars is moot.

The question now is will Sophia skate for the United States or Ukraine someday?

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