From Washington State to New Jersey as well as Michigan, Texas, Ohio, and even up in Canada, fundraisers based around Valentine's Day are popping up again with a unique twist of getting back at your ex while supporting animal shelters.

According to KOIN-TV, if you're feeling a bit vengeful but also need a cathartic release, why not use this Valentine’s Day fundraiser with the Humane Society for Southwest Washington called Neuter Your Ex? For $50 you can name a cat after your ex and then you guessed it, the cat is neutered as all pets in shelters are.

If you want to help out while dealing with unresolved issues from that nasty ex who did you wrong, or even a bully or boss that's beyond jerk, click here. 

But hey, I'm not sexist and understand that women can be the big, bad b!tch in the relationship causing men major heartbreak.

According to NBC New York, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in South Jersey has a fundraiser where you can help out with a $50 donation as well. Just like in Washington State, you can name a feral cat after that a$$hole bully, former lover, or evil woman and the feline will get spayed or neutered.

Click here for Homeward Bound New Jersey.

Or how about helping out a Cincinnati area animal shelter? According to the Animal Friends Humane Society, you can donate just $5 and the shelter will name a litter box after that sh!t of an ex from your life.

By the way, if you prefer to watch a snake eat a cockroach named after your ex on Facebook Live with a $5 donation, click here for that info.

You may even be able to find something in your area if you prefer to support shelters and the like where you live.

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