There is perhaps no music scene in history that has churned out more impactful rock acts than the Sunset Strip.

The Strip gave many of rock’s future stars their first taste of the spotlight. While most fans will immediately think of the era’s ‘80s heyday – a time when the Sunset Strip’s live music scene and wild partying became was non-stop – several notable acts emerged from the scene during the folk rock explosion of the ‘60s.

There’s no doubt the list of Sunset Strip alumni is impressive. Van Halen played many of their early club shows there, as did Guns N’ Roses and Quiet Riot. The Doors landed their first record contract thanks to a Sunset Strip show, while Buffalo Springfield’s members sparked their collaboration after literally getting stuck in the street’s traffic.

For a while, Motley Crue were not only the Strip's biggest band, they called it home. The group rented an apartment a stone's throw away from the clubs and spent their time partying when they weren't making music.

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"The Sunset Strip was a cesspool of depravity," Vince Neil recalled in The Dirt, a description he seemingly gave with endearment. “We’d get drunk, do crazy amounts of cocaine and walk the circuit in stiletto heels, stumbling all over the place.”

Located in West Hollywood, California, the Sunset Strip has been home to many legendary music venues. Some, such as Gazzarri’s, Pandora’s Box and London Fog, are long gone. Others, including the Whisky a Go Go and the Roxy are still going strong today.

The Sunset Strip also reaches beyond its titular street. The Troubadour is one the most notable venues associated with the scene, but actually sits about a mile south.

Below, we’ve ranked the Top 15 Sunset Strip rock bands.

Sunset Strip Bands

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