Summer's coming.  Wanna get out in the sunshine for a while?  Like reading outside? Would your inner child like to come out and be with other kids?  Even for just an hour from your day?

Volunteers are needed for the Reading Rocks program from the Billings Public Schools and their Education Foundation, held with the free lunch program.  Kids will be able to eat a nutritious meal in the park, enjoy a story read out loud, pick out a book to read and take home.

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Volunteers have options for what they can do for Reading Rocks.  They can read books out loud before groups.  May assist children in finding that good book for them.  Can gather and donate gently used books, no more than five years old.

Volunteers are even welcome to present to the kids on topics of interest where they have some knowledge and experience.  So if you are an artist, you can give your best impersonation of Bob Ross while everybody is finger-painting.  If you are a banker, you can explain how savings and interest will generate wealth, while giving away hundred-dollar bills (okay, I'm kidding, well, wishful thinking on this last bit)

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Reading Rocks will operate from June 12th to July 25th this summer, 12:15 to 1:00 every Monday through Thursday at various locations.  So you can pick the days and places where you can volunteer that works with your busy schedule.

Mondays: Castle Rock Park and North Park
Tuesdays: Central Park and Pioneer Park
Wednesdays: Hawthorne Park and Orchard Elementary
Thursdays: Veteran's Park and Pioneer Park
Thursday Evenings: South Park

Now a background check is required since volunteers will be around children.  The website below will have links for an application form and an authorization for the check.

Please come and join the summer fun, helping youngsters maintain their reading skills and interest in books.  Just click on the box below.

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