It’s always this time of year when we start hearing extremely sad stories about humans abusing black cats.

For some very strange reason people think black cats are “unlucky”, “a bad omen”, or “a demon reincarnated.”  

Honestly, that’s just downright stupid.  

Black cats are just like the other feisty felines of the world. In fact, each cat has its own unique personality. Just because a kitty is all black in color, doesn’t mean it is "a demon", or "evil."

Be honest, ALL cats have mean streaks. They do their own thing no matter what breed or color their fur is. 

Each year I hear stories about black cats being terrorized due to Halloween arriving around the corner. But my question is... why?? Why would anyone want to hurt an innocent animal when they are just living their life? Especially around the best time of the year?!

It’s because too many people believe they’re bad luck. This superstition leads to shelters like the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter being full of many black cats taking up the space who need loving homes. 

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter has helped re-home black cats by lowering adoption fees to incentivize us to open our hearts and adopt. They also execute a thorough background check to make sure the home will be loving. 

These employees at the shelter have to jump through these hoops to make sure people won’t just come to get a cheap kitty and then terrorize it once it’s at the new home. Yes, that has happened sometimes and that’s why the friendly folks at the shelter take all the necessary precautions.  

If you wanna find your FUR-ever black kitty friend, be sure to check out all the adoptees. Once my senior doggie crosses the rainbow bridge into doggie heaven, I will be adopting a black cat or two.

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Kittens at Yellowstone Animal Shelter are currently $50 to adopt, and adult cats are only $10!! 

If you can’t take home a black kitty, just be an advocate for them. You can donate food, beds, cat toys, and treats directly to Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. 

This injustice is old, tiring, and just gross. ALL animals deserve love.  

Black Kitties in the Yellowstone Animal Shelter are Ready for Their Forever Home.

Black cats are the most common to fill up animal shelters.