Imagine going through the Starbucks drive-through and getting your Venti White Chocolate Mocha delivered to you by a Billings Police Officer. It might shock me if that happened to me, but it's all in an effort to show that the Billings Police Department is a part of the Billings community. It's also a great time to talk and mingle with Billings' finest.

Police Activity in a Good Way

The Starbucks on 27th Street Downtown experienced the very first Coffee with a Cop event on Sunday. Billings Police Officers offered snacks, served coffee, and mingled with customers for two hours and it looked like a blast.

Sgt. Jeff Stovall had such an excellent time serving coffee and being out in the community.

It was a great turnout. Lots of kids, lots of smiles on faces, and a lot of surprised faces coming through when I was working the drive-thru. It was a great time

- Sgt. Stovall, Billings Police Department

More Chances to Get Coffee with a Cop

There will be four more Coffee with a Cop events in Billings through the rest of the Summer, across many different locations. The locations and times of the next events are:

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If you've ever had any questions you've wanted to ask Billings Police, these events are the perfect place to do so. And grab some coffee and snacks while you're at it.

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