Has anyone seen the Hamburglar's vintage car on the streets yet?

Love it or hate it, McDonald's is one of the biggest restaurant success stories in America. They're everywhere, including 44 locations spread throughout Montana in towns as small as Cut Bank, Ronan, and Wolf Point.

The Hamburglar peers through binoculars at Montana
Screenshot via YouTube/Ads Addict. Canva

What are the chances of the Hamburlar's car coming through Montana?

McDonald's unveiled a marketing campaign on January 29 that features the Hamburglar and a sweet 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. During the promotion, the retro-revival burger bandit's car will be crossing the United States to promote the chain's "improved" burgers.

BOLO for this car. Credit McDonalds via PRNewswire.
BOLO for this car. Credit McDonald's via PRNewswire.

The Hamburglar's MOPAR muscle mar is called the Burgercuda.

Ha. Bugercuda. The clever folks in the marketing department at Micky D's couldn't pass on that word mashup. I spent a solid nine minutes today searching the depths of the interwebs to see if the Burgercuda has been making any appearances yet. I found this.

"Perhaps he's racing through the Dakotas," I thought, "Or maybe the car has been spotted in Denver and heading towards Montana." Other than the teaser above, I couldn't find anything, anywhere online revealing where he's been or where he's headed. Nothing on X. Nada on Facebook. Some guy posted on a Mopar forum, asking about sightings on Feb 5. No replies. The press release provides zero clues on the route.

The Weinermobile has been to Montana, many times. Bring the 'Cuda, McDonalds.

When I first heard of the promotion, I felt like there was no way they'd risk driving a beautiful 1970 Plymouth Barracuda through Montana in the middle of winter. However, the Burgercuda probably travels 95% of the time in an enclosed trailer. So there's no reason it couldn't pass through Big Sky Country this time of year, and surely McDonald's could take advantage of some beautiful Montana scenery to spice up the background on their socials.

Stop stealing burgers, buddy. Credit YouTube/Commercials Compilation Review
He'll never learn.  Throwback ad screenshot credit YouTube/Commercials Compilation Review

The Hamburglar Car should be easy to identify if or when it pops up in Montana.

If you spot the Burgercuda you can take a pic of a QR code for a chance to win an Arch Card and other branded schwag. The company provides some of the distinguishing markings on the car.

  • Hamburglar's iconic look: His signature black-and-white stripes are portrayed across the car's interior and exterior, along with his logo on the headrests and red detailing throughout.

  • Burger-loving details: The getaway car features bun-like hubcaps, a spare tire disguised as a giant cheeseburger, and a hidden burger warmer in the center console to ensure his stash stays perfectly hot, juicy and tasty.

  • RBL RBL: Hamburglar's signature catchphrase makes an appearance on the hood scoop and license plate.

If the Hamburglar skips Montana it'll be his loss. Fans can still enter the promotion online, without spotting the car.

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