Ladies flag football already has one appeal for this cheapskate: getting a seat near the 50-yard line for only $5.

The Montana Lady Fierce squared off against the Miles City Mayhem (in pink) last Saturday night at the RMC football field.  Approximately 300 filled the stands and sat on the grass to watch this game.  The benefit match also highlighted breast cancer screening and organizations in the fight against domestic violence.

This variation on football has some differences.  Still four quarters with 10 minutes each quarter.  With no commentary, fans have to pay attention to what's happening on the field; they should in any football game anyway.  A punt is unopposed; no rushing or blocking allowed.  Since the ball carrier is "down" when a flag is pulled off their belt, runs up the middle is extremely difficult; a passing game is the best strategy to move the ball down the field.

Although the women wore no padding or helmet, and tackling was not needed, a considerable amount of contact is still made in the play.  These young ladies had no fear diving for the ball.  Injuries are still possible.  One Miles City player stayed knelt with her head on the grass after getting her bell rung.

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Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

The defense on both teams were the real winners of the contest, preventing both offensive squads from scoring through most of the game.  It was an up-and-down-the-field battle.  The Mayhem had the best chance when they forced the Fierce back to their own 3-yard line.

Finally, with only 1:30 left in the game, Kelsey Graf of the Lady Fierce caught a long bomb pass with only open field ahead of her.  She sprinted the remaining yards into the end zone to score the only touchdown of the game on a 68-yard pass.  The Mayhem tried a final rally, but the Fierce defense wouldn't allow any forward progress.

The Montana Lady Fierce won the game 6-0.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

This is a pleasant new summer take on football for fans of the game.  Lasts about two hours, giving more time to the day or the evening.  A little more laid back with a right level of intensity.  And this league has room to grow in the state, where towns and counties can form their own ladies flag football teams for very little up front cost.  Young women in Montana have the opportunity to play in one of America's favorite sports.  And businesses have the opportunity for sponsorship and covering that low cost.

Please stay tuned to the Montana Lady Fierce website for their next game and also for the youth tackle football.  I will definitely be at their next game.

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