Last week, I wrote about one of my favorite TikTok creators from Montana and his video about how dangerous our cities are. As it turns out, he's taken a liking to the article, and responded. Not only that, but his followers have chimed in as well; some of them having other funny quips about the Treasure State. My reaction? I'm stoked to see that not only did he like the article, but he seems like a super awesome dude.

"I have now reached statewide media for three separate things."

SwellcChrissyP, real name Christian Poole, stated in his reaction video to my article that this was a milestone for him; he had now been involved in statewide news three times. His comments section on the reaction video is absolutely awesome as well, with most saying that he's basically a representative for all Montanans. I've compiled some of my absolute favorite comments here.

You really need to warn about Butte...because...Butte.

- Morgan Ginther


And you didn’t even have to mention Wolf Point, which is kind of a real no-go zone.

- Bubba


Thank you for keeping people out of the state so I can continue to do my cultist activities against the federal police in peace.

- IsaiahMurch


You are the voice of the people. God bless you. God bless Montana. God bless the mole people beneath Montana.

- kelabrio

What is my reaction to this?

I absolutely love it. Honestly, Poole is one of my absolute favorite content creators on TikTok, it's just a bonus that he happens to be from Montana and talks about our state a lot. Will I continue to watch his content? Absolutely. Will there be other reaction articles on his videos? Perhaps there will be. Who knows?

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A huge shout-out to Poole for enjoying the article. Again, if you'd like to check him out on TikTok, his link is available right here. And if you haven't read the original article, give it a read-through here.

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