Maybe you haven't noticed the uproar flying around the internet in the past week or so about stoves. Perhaps you've seen some of the memes and are wondering what the big stink is all about.  Well... hold onto your shorts, because this is a real doozy.

There is talk of outlawing gas stoves.

Two states (CA and WA) already have communities that are banning the use of gas stoves in any new construction. You'll be able to keep your current gas range, but if it breaks... too bad, so sad. Your replacement will have to be a new electric range. Now, a federal agency is considering a nationwide ban on natural gas stoves/ovens, according to an article yesterday in Forbes Advocates of getting rid of natural gas appliances say gas stoves contribute to climate change. Another talking point is that having a gas range in your home could increase the chances of asthma in youth.

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

A problem with the study?

Twitter is exploding with back-and-forth opinions about a potential ban on natural gas stoves. According to this Tweet (below), the authors of the natural gas/asthma study have a vested interest in a company that helps businesses remove natural gas lines from buildings. Interesting, no?

Will a nationwide ban on new gas stoves actually happen?

Doubtful, especially in Montana. 21 states have passed preemptive laws that should prevent the federal government from forcing compliance on how consumers cook their food or heat their homes. Montana is not yet one of those states on the preemptive list, but with the makeup of our current legislature, I have to assume the topic is on the radar in Helena.

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Most Montanans will tell the feds to pound sand when it comes to our cooktops.

I don't really have a strong opinion on which type of stove works better, is more efficient, or causes more or less climate change. Both seem to have their pros and cons, with passionate cooks on both sides. The race for electric everything seems rushed though, as about 60% of our electricity still comes from fossil fuels (19% is nuclear, and renewables  - including hydro - contribute 20%), according to government stats.

However, I DO have a strong opinion about the federal government trying to force me to choose only one type of appliance, based on what appears to be mostly murky science. Back off, Feds. As one meme says, "you can take my gas stove when you pry the frying pan from my cold dead fingers."

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