Order Panda Express on 1/8/24 and you'll help a fantastic Montana non-profit.

There are seven Panda Express locations in Montana, and we think it would be great if everyone orders food from them on Monday, January 8th. That day is a dedicated fundraiser at Panda Express for the Montana Hope Project. A whopping 28% of every online or app order (for takeout or delivery) will be donated to an organization dear to our hearts. I'll give you the online order code at the bottom of this story.

Credit Panda Express/Montana Hope Project
Credit Panda Express/Montana Hope Project

The "Bears that Care."

Founded in 1984 by a handful of Montana Highway Patrol troopers, the Montana Hope Project started small. The first "wish" was a modest trip to Glacier National Park for a couple of Montana kids with life-threatening illnesses. Forty years later, the non-profit has grown substantially.

In 2023, the Montana Hope Project awarded 29 wishes to children across the state. Most were trips to Disney World, but wishes can vary. One kid and their family got to go to a Minnesota Vikings game, another child received a hot tub. The Montana Hope Project writes,

The goal of the Hope Project is to make dreams come true for critically ill children in Montana. The conditions the children face typically require medical intervention and physically, emotionally, and financially drain the children and their families.  Ninety percent of all proceeds from fund-raisers, corporate and private donors, and memorials go directly to wishes for Montana children.

The average wish cost is around $8,800.

My Hope Project kid Hadley, with mom and me in Florida last year. Credit Michael Foth, TSM
My Hope Project kid Hadley, with mom and me in Florida last year. Credit Michael Foth, TSM

You're in the Montana Hope Project family for life.

Full disclosure: My child is a Montana Hope Project kid. A neat thing about the program is that long after the wish is granted, kids and their families stay involved. Our family has the option to attend twice-a-year weekend reunions at Fairmont Hot Springs, with food, lodging, and swimming all included. It's a relaxing and fun way to connect with other families who experience many of the same challenges we've faced.

To participate in the Panda Express Montana Hope Project fundraiser on January 8th, you must order online (or on their mobile app) and use the code 919521 in the Fundraiser Code box at checkout. If you're reading this article from a different state, no problem! Orders anywhere in the US using that code will contribute a 28% donation to the Montana Hope Project.

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