Right now as I write this, there are dozens of veterinary medical students in the area who can barely wait to treat Rover and Whiskers, just like in the book or TV series All Creatures Great and Small.  In 2028, if the plan holds true, vet students will get practical experience in the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter.

YVAS will work with the Rocky Vista University to connect animals in need with students in training.  Rocky Vista just received accreditation for their College of Veterinarian Medicine, and in good time.  There are approximately 116,000 vets in the nation, and two-thirds of them service companion animals, aka pets.  Some reports have warned that about 41,000 new veterinarians will be needed by 2030, only six years away.

Billings City will assist in this new partnership by giving a property for the construction of a new shelter on Wilson Park, not far from the sugar beet factory.  YVAS is launching a capital campaign to raise $12 million for the 23,000 square foot building.

You are welcome to give towards this capital campaign.  I suggest that when entering a contribution in this link, make a specific note that your donation be allocated to the new facility.

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In the meantime, you can still see the latest adorable dog each week on Wet Nose Wednesday.  And two grown cats are waiting for new homes to call their own.

This is Scout, looking fierce for the camera.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

And this is Banff.

Credit: Travis Lee, TSM
Credit: Travis Lee, TSM

You want to bring one of them home.  I know you do.

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