Elon Must has actually pulled off a purchase of Twitter.


Back in Wyoming, I posted on my own social media, just curious to see what people thought. Even though I had a Twitter account a few years back, I gave it up out of frustration. I might give it a little while then try again after Musk takes over.

attachment-Glenn Woods FB 1

There are a few comments I have to filter out due to language.

Though I felt like the current Twitter censors doing it.

attachment-Glenn Woods FB 2

Looks like some people have hope. Some people are just going to sit back and see what happens. Some people are going to watch the coming mayhem and enjoy "the show."

As for "the meltdown" there are those Twitter employees who are having a hard time dealing with what is happening.

attachment-Glenn Woods FB 3

Notice Wendy sighed back up for Twitter. She is excited.

Don't you just love the Twitter logo with the Tesla "T"?

attachment-Glenn Woods FB 4

This might be entertaining, or a total disaster.

But that's fine. Twitter had become a total disaster anyway. Lets see if the coming changes are what we are hoping for.

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