Alright Montanans. You tell me. I saw an article about Beyonce' going country with a new song called "Texas Hold Em." Beyonce' is doing country music? What do you think- is this song country?

The article that caught my eye was about how a country radio station was not snubbing Beyonce's country song after all. According to the article, "Beyonce announced her upcoming country albumAct II, in a Verizon commercial during Super Bowl 58 on Sunday (Feb. 11), accompanied by the release of "Texas Hold 'Em' and another new song, '16 Carriages."

When I first listened to the lyrics only YouTube version, I was like- that ain't country. But then when our producer Travis played it over the radio with the official version I kinda liked it.

So what do you think? Hootie went from pop to country. Taylor Swift went from country to pop.

One of our listeners said, "Man, I hate it, but I even asked myself 'What if Martina McBride was singing it?' It would still suck.  Martina would never do that to us..."

Mike in Bozeman said, "If it ain't got a piano, fiddle, and steel guitar it ain't country." But come on Mike, if Beyonce' was at the Sunrise Saloon in Missoula- you'd two step with her to it, wouldn't you?

Alright. I'm now going to go back to covering serious news and topics here in Montana. But after all the obnoxious "top 10" articles that I see all the time- that don't seem to be based on any real metrics whatsoever- I figured what the heck...


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