Check out the knee to the face. Helena, Montana native "Suga Sean" O'Malley retains his title as the UFC bantamweight champion during UFC 299 in Miami.

Shortly after the championship belt is wrapped around O'Malley's waist, you can see the camera turn to former President Donald J. Trump flashing a thumbs up to "Suga Sean."

Joe Rogan told O'Malley that he "put on a master class of precision striking, movement, and footwork." He called it O'Malley's "finest performance inside the octagon."

We told you last August how "Suga Sean" fought his way to become the bantamweight world champion. Now, he told Dana White he wants a jet to Spain so he can move up a weight class and take on Ilia Topuria.


By the way, I'm hoping I get a chance to run into Suga Sean because I will be in Vegas for UFC 300 with a crew of veterans and entrepreneurs from here in Montana! I know, it's crazy- an opportunity of a lifetime. A while back I told you how the Bozeman-based Anthem Snacks is now the official jerky of the UFC. I ran into Green Beret veteran and Anthem Snacks founder Nate Kouhana down in Vegas during the SHOT Show. I'll be joining him and several others at UFC 300.

As a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, watching UFC fights at zero dark thirty in the morning was about the only entertainment you could find in a combat zone. We'd throw it on the TVs in the chow halls on remote FOB's and combat outposts. Or, if you were lucky enough to be at a larger compound in somewhere like Kabul or Kuwait you could watch it from an MWR facility or a coffee shop.

Who else will be down at UFC 300 in Vegas? We hope to link up with you while we are down there. 



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