Montana State Senator John Fuller (R-Kalispell) is a great Vietnam Veteran and former school teacher who continues to serve his country. He has a bill in the Montana Legislature, SB 99, to protect kids from the radical transgender agenda that wants to push for life altering surgeries and treatments on little kids.

Mario Presents is with a national LGBT group called "Gays Against Groomers." He is a gay man who is speaking out in support of protecting kids from surgeries that would remove body parts on kids, or give them medications that could permanently sterilize children.

Mario Presents: SB 99 is extremely important. It follows on the heels of lots of historical legislation that's coming down the pipeline. We need to protect our children. We need to protect the future. We need to stop trans'ing gay children. We need to stop trans'ing straight children. We need to stop trans'ing all children, and if you want to get involved join Gays Against Groomers at

Mario says his organization is trying to fight the "monstrous, big pharma, big corporate that's trying to literally sterilize a generation of children".

Mario Presents: This is what we're seeing with Tavistock and with Sweden, and all these other countries that are backtracking this transgender care. They were lacking the long term studies to follow these people. And we're seeing de-transitioners regret. And to stop that- they're basically trying to pull back the reins on the direction they were going. And we're just trying to wake up Americans to say, hey- we don't want to go down the track of Britain and Sweden where they have to backtrack these things. We would rather take the track of Thailand, who from the onset of this entire issue- they put children at the forefront and they protected anyone under the age of 18 from receiving any of these procedures.

The full audio is included in our 8a hour podcast below. You can also listen to the show in Mario's below Tweet:

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