Could Montanans be losing out on the $1.50 hot dog and a drink at Costco?

I assumed this was something that was already being done, because every time I want to grab a snack from Costco before shopping...I always show my ID to the folks checking receipts. But apparently it didn't matter if you were a paid member of Costco or not, and you could just go in and use the food court anyway.

Not so fast, anymore. As Lillian Woo reported for Fox News Radio recently, "Costco's iconic buck 50 hot dog and soda combination could soon be off limits to non-members. Part of its policy, which hasn't always been enforced. But now images are circulating on social media of signs warning that food court patrons will need a membership card reading 'effective April 8, 2024. An active Costco membership card will be required to purchase items from our food court."

I haven't been to Costco in a while. Has anyone noticed if those signs are up at any Montana locations? Lillian Woo also reports that Costco does not make much, if any, profit off of their food court, according to warehouse executives.

Billings, Montana just opened the newest Costco location in Montana. We got to give you a look inside the 166,000 square foot facility last October when they opened up at their new location near the I-90/ Zoo Drive/ Shiloh Road exit. And of course we had to tell you about the free samples...


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