The New York Post is reporting this week that Texas lawmakers are eyeing a bill to outlaw foreign ownership of land in the Lone Star State. For those wanting to see something similar move forward here in Big Sky Country, I've got good news for you.

This is a story I have been following closely, especially in the last several months after it was reported that the Communist Chinese were purchasing land near our nuclear missile silos in Montana.

As I reported back on August 2nd, Fox News was on the ground in Great Falls, Montana and near Malmstrom Air Force Base covering the concerns shared by US intelligence officials.

I also spoke with the Montana Stockgrowers Association (MSGA) during their annual convention back in December where they highlighted concerns over the foreign ownership of land. Here's what then MSGA President Jim Steinbeisser had to say:

Steinbeisser: We find it very troubling. For one thing they're competition for ranchers to expand. And that is a selfish reason, but it does raise land prices even higher, making it more unaffordable, or nearly impossible for ranchers to purchase land to expand. And of course with the Chinese- that is very troubling. Their strategic purchases make you really pause.

Here's the good news for those who want our Montana lawmakers to take action: State Senate President Pro Tem Ken Bogner (R-Miles City) introduced Senate Bill 203 on this very issue on Friday. The bill hasn't been scheduled for its first hearing yet, according to Kyle Schmauch, a spokesman for Montana's State Senate Majority.

Last week, the Helena Independent Record covered the launch of the Montana Freedom Caucus. That group also intends to prioritize this issue:

The group’s additional priorities outlined Thursday include parental rights, election integrity and “foreign ownership,” a loose term for concerns that other countries are buying up property in Montana, particularly around nuclear silos.


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