A real world Dutton in Montana wants to take the Mexican drug cartels to the train station. Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton is the immediate past President of the Western Sheriff's Association.

Sheriff Dutton tells us that five major law enforcement associations sent out a letter calling out two Mexican drug cartels. The National Sheriffs' Association, the Major County Sheriffs' Association, the Western States Sheriffs' Association, the Southwestern Border Coalition, and the Texas Border Coalition are all calling on the Biden Administration to declare the cartels as terrorist organizations.

Sheriff Leo Dutton: It's very risky. We're calling out the Sinaloa drug cartel and Jalisco drug cartel out of Mexico. We're naming them, and we're asking the President of the United States to declare them terrorists, because- there was 2,977 Innocent people that were killed in our nation on September 11. But if you look at how many people- the 100,000 a year that we're losing to fentanyl, this is something that the President, that the federal government has to pay attention to. And we have to go after 'em. They're making money. And they make money off of human trafficking, indentured servants, all those kinds of things, prostitution...

We also talked about how there are some communities in Montana that we have been told are virtually no-go zones in Montana due to the cartel presence. Our reservations are being particularly exploited by the Mexican drug cartels.

Click below to listen to Sheriff Dutton our our podcast about halfway through the 9 a.m. hour:

Here's video of Sheriff Dutton on Fox News recently as well:

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