This Saturday I get to be IN THE HOUSE for UFC 300 in Las Vegas with an incredible crew of Montanans. I know, it's gonna be incredible.

But here's the deal- you get the option to see some great fights, and an incredibly well produced event. Fusion Fight League is in Great Falls this Friday night. Then they'll be in Bozeman April 27th at the fieldhouse, and in Billings at the Metra on May 11th.

I've been to the Fusion Fight events in Billings and it is a great time. It's also a very patriotic, family friendly event that is very well produced.

Terrill Bracken: "We do our fighter prayer in the cage, and I've always said that the day that somebody tries to stop me from doing that is the day that I stop putting on fights. That, and our 'fight for a cause' benefit are two things that are really important to me. And, we do the national anthem. We let the fighters know- because we have fighters that come from all over the country- and when we do our fighter meeting, we let them know that, hey, if anybody plans to protest the national anthem, you probably better just sit back in the locker room and don't do the parade of athletes because I will pull your fight right on the spot. Plus, you're in Montana, and they don't take very kindly to that. So for multiple reasons- you don't want to protest the national anthem."

Full chat with Terrill was awesome, by the way. (Find it below the Instagram video from the podcast)

Terrill Bracken with the Fusion Fight League dropped by our radio studios in Billings to preview the dance card and more.  (Oh, and by the way- UFC bantamweight champ "Suga Sean" will be in Great Falls with some fighters training underneath him!)



Full audio of our chat with Terrill Bracken is below. He was on right after Nate Kouhana, the CEO of the Bozeman-based Anthem Snacks. Anthem is the official jerky of the UFC and we will be hanging out with Nate and his crew for UFC 300.

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