I was driving my daughter home from volleyball practice one night, and we decided to grab a quick snack from the gas station. My daughter came out with this new candy that I remember from when I was kid...but this was a whole new rendition...and man are they good.

You know Nerds, right? They almost crackle in your mouth when you eat em. They're kind of sour. Well, now they have "Nerds Gummy Clusters." If you like gummy bears and you like Nerds...imagine a circular gummy candy- covered in Nerds- and BOOM, here you go.

So, I mentioned how my daughter picked this up as a snack one day at the gas station, right? Well, one day I came home after work and someone picked up a gigantic bag of the Nerds Gummy Clusters from Costco in Billings. Now that's trouble. Thankfully, I've stayed disciplined. That, and they went so fast that I didn't have to worry about staying disciplined too long.

What was some of your favorite candy as a kid? Off the top of my head, all I can think of is the movie theater candy. The Dots. The Hot Tamales. And why not throw some Junior Mints in the popcorn?

What are some of your favorite candy stores in Montana? The Sweet Palace in Phillipsburg is a great one. Red Lodge has a popular one. There's the brand new Candy Town USA location that recently opened up in Billings, as our friend Josh Rath shared below.


This Massive Candy Store Is STUNNING In Its New Location In Billings, Montana.

A quick trip over to the NEW Candy Town USA was a fun one, for sure! It's candy heaven here in Montana.

Gallery Credit: Josh Rath

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