It was a powerful show of support for a fallen law enforcement officer originally from Montana. The community paid their respects to Sheridan, Wyoming police Sergeant Nevada Krinkee. A benefit for the Krinkee family is coming up March 9th in Ennis, Montana.

Law enforcement officers from Montana, Wyoming, and all across the country lined the streets, as you can see in the above photos from the Yellowstone Co. Sheriff's Office.

Deputies had the honor & privilege to attend the service for Sgt Krinkee yesterday. Not only were we joined by Billings PD, Montana Highway Patrol, Billings 911 Center, other MT LE Agencies, every surrounding state, as well as Yuma PD, NYPD, Chicago PD, Suffolk County NY. Most notable was the outpouring of people lining the streets, waiving flags, hand on on heart with tears in their eyes. RIP SGT.

Jeremy Shea, the brother of Sergeant Krinkee, said the support from the community and law enforcement has been huge.

Jeremy Shea: We are here in Sheridan today (Friday) and there are police from all over the nation here. Yesterday, they escorted my family from Bozeman to the state line and then the WY highway patrol picked up the escort from there. All of my family is in awe of the respect and honor they are showering my brother Nevada with.

Shea tells us they are also planning a fundraiser coming up March 9th in Ennis, Montana.

Jeremy Shea: Nevada Krinkee was killed in the line of duty and we want to raise funds for his wife and his 6 month old daughter. He served in the army in the 82nd Airborne and came home to serve the Sheridan WY police department. In addition to our construction company, we own a coffee shop in Ennis. We are planning a day where we will donate all proceeds from the sales to give to his wife. In addition, we will have some raffle items that we will be selling tickets for.






Full video of the memorial service for Sgt Krinkee:


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