With Jane’s Addiction changing the release date for ‘The Great Escape Artist’ more than once, it’s understandable if some of the band’s fans had serious doubts that the album would ever see the light of day.

But two of its songs, ‘End to the Ties’ and ‘Irresistible Force,’ have been circulating for weeks, and the latest evidence that the album really does exist is the recently released cover art.

As with a lot of things associated with Jane’s frontman Perry Farrell, this cover is a bit of a head-scratcher. A shirtless, cartoonish-looking man clad only in bikini underwear is shown in what appears to be a disheveled bedroom. His arms are wrapped around his upper body as if to resemble, well, the starting position of an escape artist.

Moving on to Jane’s Addiction activity not open to interpretation, the first of the band’s Citi Private Pass two-night stands at small venues begins Saturday at the Metro in Chicago.

Oh, and ‘The Great Escape Artist’ is still due — keep your fingers crossed — on Oct. 18.

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