Jon Bon Jovi would like his fans to know that he is not dead, despite a nasty rumor to that effect which spread around the internet like wildfire today.

As proof, the Bon Jovi frontman has posted a photo of himself on the band’s Facebook page, showing the perfectly-coiffed rocker standing in front of a Christmas tree (and an elaborate curtain that looks like it could be from a game show set) while holding a sign that says, “Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey…December 19th, 2011 6:00.”

According to Vintage Vinyl News, a site named Daily New Blog International posted a fake story about the rocker’s death, apparently by taking the Los Angeles Times’ 2009 report about pop star Michael Jackson‘s death and switching in the New Jersey pop-rock hero’s name.

Before anybody got too worried, though, Bon Jovi’s camp were quick to reveal the story as a hoax, and now we’ve got photographic evidence courtesy of professional photographer David Bergman. It’s a good thing too, because much like pain, Bon Jovi’s got no time on his schedule for dying.

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