If Joy Behar is praising you, you're not doing your job and you're not representing Montana.

Liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) may have a crew cut but he is no moderate. He is frequently criticized for basically doing the bidding of Chuck Schumer, the Democrat Senator from New York.

Joy Behar is apparently a big fan of Tester. As the crazy, liberal hosts of The View were discussing who the Democrats should choose for President in 2024 (apparently because they think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are a train wreck)- Joy Behar threw out Tester's name.

Here's part of the audio transcript:

Joy Behar: I'm going to name Jon Tester. Does anyone know who he is? He is the Senator from Montana. He's from a state that Trump won in 2020, and he's been very vocal about the Democrats needing to appeal to middle America. Just like you know, because he's from Montana. He's got a crew cut, he looks like a real outdoorsy guy.

Newsbusters.org also covered the segment, noting:

Aside from so-called “Sunny Hostin” making racist attacks against former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley targeting her name and skin tone, ABC's The View also floated names of Democrats to be their nominee in 2024

While I think Joy Behar is a crazy Leftist (and so is Jon Tester), I actually think she is on to something. Democrats would be wise to elevate Tester to a more national position instead of the US Senate. While he is not the moderate they want you to think he is, he had a slick performance on Fox News Sunday recently, and would prove to be a better spokesman for the Democrats than everyone else they seem to be putting forward.




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