While 2013 has just begun, you'll forgive us if we briefly look into 2015 for one of the most anticipated movies in recent history: 'Justice League.' The Warner Bros. film would bring together their own superhero team to answer 'The Avengers' but exactly what superheroes will be joining the 'Justice League' team? A new report reveals what DC superheroes will crossover for the comic book mega movie.

There are some characters we assume are a given for the 'Justice League' movie like Superman and Batman. But who else will be joining them? A new report at Cosmic Book News claims to have the 'Justice League' lineup and it goes a little something like this:

- Superman (duh)
- Batman (obvs)
- Green Lantern
- Wonder Woman
- Flash
- Aquaman
- Martian Manhunter

Their report (from a "DC Entertainment source") claims that both Alfred and Lois Lane will make brief appearances in the film but aren't expected to be a major part of the story. They also say that Henry Cavill and Ryan Reynolds are expected to reprise their roles in the film.

Of course, this could all be baloney. Let's state the obvious here: anyone could just claim they have this inside knowledge and just report on these characters, who were the original 'Justice League' lineup in the comics. But then again, we have to think that if Warner Bros. is going ahead with this movie, they'll stick with a lineup that most fans know and are familiar with because they won't have the time to introduce any characters via stand alone films (like Marvel did). So, yes, this is very likely the 'Justice League' lineup but, also, it probably doesn't take a ton of "inside information" to figure that out.

So what do you think of this 'Justice League' lineup? Any characters you wish would join the team?

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