I haven’t been to an elementary school for pick-up times, literally since I was a kid myself.

Because I don’t have children of my own, I like to ask kids thoughtful and random questions. Their imaginations run wild and that’s exactly what first-grader Brinley brought to the table at West Elementary.  

Credit: Google Maps + Canva
Credit: Google Maps + Canva

After coordinating with Brinley’s mama Ashley, I decided to take our Pink Pixie Mix Mobile out to West Elementary in Laurel, MT.

The bell rang and the kids poured out of their classrooms. Brinley threw her EPIC, sparkly backpack at her dad and ran towards her mom where I was waiting to ask her some fun, thoughtful questions.  

Credit: Ashley Dassinger (Brinley's Mom)
Credit: Ashley Dassinger (Brinley's Mom)

We all know kids say the darnedest (and cutest) things!  

My first question to Miss Brinley was who is her teacher and what grade she is in. She promptly responded “First, West Elementary.” Currently Brinley’s class is learning math!  

I pressed record on my device and started asking  Brinley questions. “If you could invent something what would it be?”  

"A PIG! That only sleeps. HAHA!"

I couldn’t help but cackle at this random answer.  

She then described a hotel she created out of paper-made food. There’s pizza, and cupcakes in her hotel, so I know where her head is at- she is hungry!  

I offer her some candy and she quickly shoved two Starbursts in her mouth.  

I asked Brinley, “If a genie were to grant you three wishes what would they be?” 

“To have a pet unicorn (DUH!), to have two twin dogs, and to have a comfy, soft blanket like my mom’s.”  

Now we know what Brinley wants for Christmas. I asked Brinley, “Would you rather travel in a spaceship, or on a dragon?” 

“A DRAGON! Because they can fly and you can see everything!”  

The best part of this story is when I asked Brinley “Would you rather travel back in time or to the future?” 

“The future! Because it’s prettier.”  

I mean, I cannot make this stuff up. Straight out of the mouth of a precious young girl who will grow up to be something quite special. Brinley ended our convo with asking for a photo together, I obliged.

If you want me to ask your kiddo some fun questions for the Morning Mix, please write me an email. Nikki.Todd@Townsquaremedia.com 

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