According to a new study, scientists may have come one step closer to finally proving the existence of the mythological sea beast familiar to fans of ‘Clash of the Titans’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean.’ Release possible evidence of the Kraken!

Mount Holyoke College paleontologist Mark McMenamin claims to have found evidence of the lair of a 100-foot-long Kraken in Nevada. (No word on whether it was strewn with the remains of wayward sailors.)

Though McMenamin didn’t discover any Kraken fossils per se, he has theorized that a 45-foot-long, snaggle-toothed, dolphin-like sea creature called the Ichthyosaur may have been the legendary sea monster’s prey.

His theory stems from a unique behavior of certain modern octopi, which arrange the bones of their prey in a precise and organized manner. A set of nine Ichthyosaur skeletons found at Nevada’s Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park were arranged in much the same way, leading McMenamin to believe that they were the victims of a much larger octopus-like creature along the lines of the Kraken.

While some skeptics still doubt the existence of a giant octopus-like monster that carries unfortunate pirates down to Davy Jones’ Locker, we still hold out hope that the Kraken actually exists. If nothing else, this news should hopefully restart the “Release the Kraken!” meme.

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