Lemmy from Motorhead joined Slash on stage in Boston, Mass. recently to perform ‘Doctor Alibi,’ their collaboration from Slash’s self-titled 2010 album. You can watch the whole thing right here.

As soon as knowledgeable fans at the show saw a microphone stand set up at an abnormally high level, with the mic pointing straight down, they had some idea of who was going to show up. If you’ve ever seen Motorhead in concert, you’d know that’s Lemmy preferred pose.

It’s rather odd to see Lemmy wander on stage without a bass in his hand, but if you were expecting this newfound freedom would cause him to start sprinting around the stage and interacting with the crowd like a young Axl Rose, well… you’re in for a letdown.

Slash’s young bandmates, the Conspirators, jump around like lunatics and flip their hair more than any cover model does in an average photo shoot, but their boss and Lemmy mostly hunker down and focus on delivering the goods. Which is what the former Guns N’ Roses guitarist will be doing across the states this September — check out all the tourdates right here.

Watch Lemmy and Slash Perform ‘Doctor Alibi’

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