I call the guy who built this car Uncle Flip because he is my brother-in-law. As for the Flip part, I will leave that up to your imagination.

Uncle Flip has been racing all his life and has plenty of trophies for his efforts. Track Champion? Yup.

Belgrade Gibson Nationals champ? Yup.

All around great guy? You betcha. One of the best.

This year he is in a new class for him, the Midwest Mods. This is his car as he gets ready for the season. I give Uncle Flip four maybe five races till he gets his car figured out and then look out. That's the 15 comin' up behind ya! This will be an interesting year at the Billings Motorsports Park Speedway!!!!

Ain't Life Grand!!!

Oh, did I mention that this is the last time you will see a straight body on this new car? It won't look this way five minutes into the first race.