For those of you who tune in to our Montana Talks radio show with Aaron Flint, we announced some big news for students in Lockwood: the first Freshman class could begin as early next year, as Evelyn Pyburn reports.

Every Monday at 706 AM Evelyn Pyburn from The Big Sky Business Journal joins us on the show as we get "Back to Business." Here's the details from the latest Big Sky Business Journal Hot Sheet:

Lockwood Could Start High School Next Year

The first freshman class of the new Lockwood High School could very likely begin next year for the 2019-20 school year – a year before the new high school is built. In order to keep Lockwood students from having to transition from one school to another, two years in a row, the Lockwood School Board is exploring the possibility of allowing this year’s Lockwood eighth graders to continue attending Lockwood next year as high school freshman.  There are currently 123 eighth graders; and it is estimated that they would have at least 100 freshman students next year. The move would also be economically beneficial to the district. Options regarding how to house the students and cost of hiring teachers are being explored.

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