I say "Looks Like", because the latest updates I have seen have said that the decision was made to pull Tom's life support after he was showing no signs of brain activity. We all woke up to tragedy and aching hearts with the news of the Las Vegas shooting this morning and now I hear that we're losing such an incredible talent, I'm just ready to go home and turn off the news.

Every car I've ever owned always had the same rule: NEVER change touch the radio when Tom Petty is playing. Tom's music has meant a lot to me for as long as I can remember. His style was unique and he is irreplaceable. I am still hoping for some miraculous recovery, but this doesn't seem to be the day for miracles. I know not everyone is a die hard Petty fan, but I can't ever recall anyone saying that they didn't like him. In fact, if I did hear that, I would question everything about that person. He was just...cool.

Here's to hoping for a miracle...

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