They’ve been out of the limelight for awhile, but Canadian rockers Loverboy — whose string of ’80s hits included ‘Working for the Weekend’ and ‘Turn Me Loose’ — are on the comeback trail.

The band convened recently to record a new single, ‘Heartbreaker,’ with Bob Rock, the producer who was behind the boards for their biggest hits. Although it doesn’t look like a full-length album is in the cards anytime soon, singer Mike Reno says he’s lovin’ every minute of life in Loverboy.

“I don’t know if it’s worth it,” Reno told Rolling Stone when asked about a new album. “I don’t want to spend $400,000 in the studio recording 12 songs, when people only want one or two. I don’t expect to be on the radio anymore.” But that doesn’t mean he intends to stay out of the studio: “I do want to put out a new song every couple of months. I just think that’s the new way.”

Along with new music, Reno is boasting a newly-svelte physique — he’s dropped 50 pounds over the last six months or so, thanks to a new regimen that was prompted because, as he says, “I got tired of complaining about my knees being sore.” He cut the weight the old-fashioned way, with diet and exercise, adding, “I eat fruit, vegetables and fish. I don’t use any salad dressings. I don’t use much oil. I don’t have butter, sugar or flour. I haven’t had a piece of bread in six months, or piece of cake or anything. That’s been really hard. I put the booze away, too.”

Meanwhile, Loverboy’s tour schedule is as busy as ever — although the venues may not be as large as they were during the band’s commercial peak. As Reno quipped to Rolling Stone, “The good news is that I’m still touring the big cities. Right now I’m in London! Bad news is, it’s London, Ontario.”

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