Affordable housing is a big issue. Not just in Montana, but nationwide. More and more first time home buyers are running into the problem of finding a home they can afford. The median home price in Billings is currently around $230,000. For most buyers with not a lot of cash to put down, that puts your monthly payment around $1400 a month.

But wait! There are some bargains to be found in Billings. I searched for all actively listed homes with a Billings zip code, under $100,000. Taking mobile/manufactured homes out of the equation, I found FOUR stick-built houses currently on the market.  The least expensive house (seen in the photo above) could be yours for just $64,900.

What do you get when you buy a house that is priced about the same as a new truck? Well, not much. A one bedroom studio with a whopping 360 sq. feet of living space. You do get some parking space for spare vehicles. Check out the rest of the pictures HERE. All of that can be yours, for around $300 month.  Not bad for a house payment.


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