As the trailer says, mankind isn't ready for Scarlett Johansson's Lucy, and judging by the powers she's tossing around (both with her brain and her body) in Luc Besson's latest sci-fi action thriller, that's pretty accurate. Johansson steps out of the Marvel movie universe and finally gets some superpowers of her own, and she does not look like a lady you want to mess with. 

'Lucy' is the latest from director Luc Besson, who brought us classic lady hero movies like 'La Femme Nikita' and 'The Fifth Element.' The story follows the titular heroine, Lucy, played by Johansson, who appears to be taken hostage with a mysterious package placed inside her body by dangerous captors -- but that's where things get interesting, as Lucy becomes hyper-intelligent, her brain beginning to use all of its capacity where most people only use a small percentage. Superpowers, mega strength, and all that good stuff follow in a film that sort of evokes a 'Limitless' vibe -- but, you know, much more kick-ass.

It's also just great to see Johansson continue her streak of playing empowering, strong female characters -- and finally get some powers of her own. Morgan Freeman, Min-sik Choi (the original 'Oldboy'), and Analeigh Tipton co-star in the new action flick, which hits theaters on August 8.

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