Yesterday, the showrunners for Magic City Blues announced via Facebook that their 22-year run is coming to an end.

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No Venue, No Music

In the announcement by Pam Goodridge, it is explained that Magic City Blues is now without a venue. The Yellowstone County Commissioners wrote Pam and said they didn't want Magic City Blues at MetraPark anymore due to a conflict of interest with Pam's husband, Tim Goodridge, who is employed by MetraPark. (This, as Pam points out, is despite her being approved for the last two years while Tim was employed by MP)

With that, Pam shared her love for the festival:

Thank you for supporting Magic City Blues for 22 years. How time has flown by! We especially appreciate the fans, friends and family who came out for the fun last year.
Every fall, after each festival comes to an end, we think very hard if we want to do it all again.

Loss Of One, Gain Of Another

And with that, the nail in the coffin has been added, and Magic City Blues is no more. However, Pam is not one to give up without a plan for another great community event...

Inside the announcement, Pam provided us with a teaser on what she is bringing to town next, which that event will be called...

YEE-HAW HEE-HAW Western Days

Time will tell what that event is, where it is, how much it is... and what we will see and hear from it.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think Metra Park is overreacting on this? Do you wish we had another venue, privately owned, to host Magic City Blues? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook!

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