Why are we begging other countries for baby formula when we have the ability to make it right here in the United States?

Baby formula will be produced locally in Billings, MT

I've got good news. A Billings, Montana company is now moving forward on plans to do just that - produce and sell baby formula right here in America.

I caught up with Dr. Jeff Golini with All American Pharmaceuticals in Billings. They produce EFX Sports products which can be found in nutrition stores all over the world. I use their pre-workout and BCAA when I go to gyms like 9Round kickboxing. To make it even cooler, I buy their products locally at Pharm406.

But why would the federal government be hindering their ability to produce baby formula?

Why are there pallets full of baby formula on our Southern Border for illegal aliens, while grocery store shelves go empty here in America? Why are grocery store shelves empty in the US, but they're not empty in other countries like Mexico?

As it turns out, All American Pharmaceuticals has already been making baby formula in Billings, they just can't sell the baby formula for infants here in the US due to onerous regulations from the FDA. Dr. Golini tells me they tried to start selling baby formula under the Obama Administration. Progress didn't really start happening until the Trump Administration, but then COVID put the brakes on their efforts.

Dr. Jeff Golini: I can sell it outside of the United States. So we can sell it into Canada, we can sell it Mexico, anywhere else- but not in the USA. And you know, I mean, I understand sort of the reasoning behind it is, you know, infants are different than adults, you know, you got to go through a lot of hoops and make sure it's pure. But that's what they govern during the inspection on the manufacturing side. So once they approve that you've done all the steps, your formula is good, you went through the testing...you should be able to sell it like anything else. But now they say, 'Oh, this is a new label,' even though it's the exact same formula as all the stuff on the shelves, you now gotta go do all these studies, which again, they're not realistic.

Even though he can't market the baby formula to infants 12 months and younger, he says the baby formula is basically the same product as what is already approved for infants. As a result, he says he now plans to sell his baby formula right here in Montana in the coming weeks- he just can't market it to infants 12 months and younger.

He also made a great point about how big government regulations have basically created a monopoly in the baby formula business here in the US:

Dr. Jeff Golini: As the government, you know, you come in you inspect, you approve me to manufacture. So that means I'm doing everything right to produce this product in a safe effective way. Yet you don't let me sell it. You have 10 or 20 people like me who can produce- we have no shortage, because we're going to fill in the gaps. But if you've ever...if you're a momma and you've been in the stores the last however many years, there's only a couple of choices. You don't see any private label brands. You don't see the Costco brand. You only see the couple big boys. They monopolize the entire industry.

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