'Man of Steel'-ers beware of potential spoilers ahead...

Amidst all of the Superman hype for Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot, hitting theaters June 14, Warner Bros. unleashed a breathtaking trailer a while back that revealed a Lex Luthor Easter Egg, foreshadowing a possible appearance from the Man of Steel's famed rival down the road. But now it looks like we'll get to see another MAJOR DC character teased in 'Man of Steel'... and this one's a superhero.

Everyone on the 'Man of Steel' team has done their best to keep spoilers from hitting the airwaves, but they can only do so much and now one potentially major reveal has leaked out of the woodwork. Coming from Comic Book Therapy, it looks like Lex Luthor's LexCorp won't be the only recognizable name referenced in 'Man of Steel.' Can you figure out another DC character-run business that might have something to do with...

...ok, enough of the wait. According to sources, Wayne Enterprises, Batman's thriving company, will pop up in some fashion, whether through an off-hand comment or what have you. But that's not all -- the character of Batman will be directly referenced as well! However, this is not Christian Bale's Dark Knight, but rather the next incarnation of Batman Warner Bros. will use down the road (in 'Justice League'?), assuming 'Man of Steel' is a hit.

We previously reported that Zack Snyder will most likely end up directing the 'Justice League' movie, which the man himself more recently confirmed Warner Bros. will probably ask him to take on following 'Man of Steel' success. And it's also why we feel there's some truth to this report. It also jives with earlier reports about one proposed plot for 'JL,' which [SPOILER] sees Superman and Batman piecing together a team to take on a much larger threat. [END SPOILER] But before we count our eggs before they hatch (though we kinda already did that) let's hold off until 'Man of Steel' destroys the box office, which we have a feeling it will.

'Man of Steel' hits theaters June 14, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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