Once a year, the McRib pops up on the McDonald’s menu for a short period of time and fans of the pork sandwich sing its praises to the high heavens.

But something is happening in Austria that will shake the foundation of any McRib connoisseur. It’s called the McRibster, and it suggests that the McRib is not the perfection that some claim. Rather, it’s just a start.

Like the McRib, the meat of the McRibster is a processed pork patty shaped like a rib cage. But here’s where things get crazy. Instead of being slathered in sweet barbecue sauce, the special patty is breaded and deep fried. Then it is adorned with “bacon, pepper jack cheese, crunchy iceberg lettuce, red onion, delicious honey-mustard sauce and spicy sweet chili sauce….” Sorry, we had a coronary sometime around “pepper jack cheese.”

Bacon. Honey mustard. Chili sauce. Is this creation — which is only available in Austria — genius or insane?

Whatever it is, it is very disappointing that the Austrians have beat us to it. Come on guys, you stick to making violins and Red Bull and we’ll stick to dreaming up artery-busting Franken-sandwiches.

[via Eater]

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