The summer concert season is getting better and better with each passing day. After a year of being starved of LIVE music, we are starting to see a resurgence of LIVE shows. Whether they are huge headlining acts like Guns N Roses or ZZ Top. Both scheduled for shows in August. Or, club performances like the upcoming "Blistered Earth" performance this June at the Dark Horse.

THATS RIGHT! A cover band that is so good at what they do, that they even received "blessings" from the band they cover. For those NOT familiar with "Blistered Earth," they are one of the premiere Metallica cover bands in the country. They even have the same look and style as the worlds most popular rock band did back in the 80s. So much so, that Metallica has offered them several chances to perform at select shows.

In fact, just a few years ago, thousands of dollars worth of the bands gear was stolen. Metallica came to the rescue.

According to Loudwire

The tribute act was contacted by Metallica's representation, who asked them to provide a list of all the gear that was taken. And it's also reported that Lars Ulrich himself reached out to Blistered Earth's drummer to let them know the band would help them out.

Angel snagged an interview with the bands vocalist, Jared, who explained how it went down.

You can see Blistered Earth, along with their official Metallica gear, on stage at the Dark Horse.

Friday June 25th

Oh! Did I mention it is a FREE SHOW?

Bust out your favorite Metallica shirt and get out and support Blistered Earth June 25th 2021.

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