On May 6, Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock, the group led by the former Scorpions and UFO guitarist, will release On a Mission : Live in Madrid, a document of their Nov. 19, 2015 concert at the Joy Eslava in the Spanish capital city. You can watch the trailer above.

"Michael Schenker and his crew chose this unique location with special care for the recording of this concert," reads a blurb on his label's website. "They knew for certain that the historic three-floor music theatre in the centre of Madrid would create an especially intimate atmosphere between the musicians and the fans, for this musical and visual extravaganza."

Schenker is joined on the set by former Scorpions Francis Buchholz (bass) and Herman “The German” Rarebell (drums). Former Rainbow singer Doogie White handles the vocals, while Wayne Findley pulls down double duty on guitar and keyboards.

The concert will be available in digital download, two-CD, Blu-ray and DVD formats. In addition, there's a limited edition collector's box that contains both the CD and Blu-ray, bonus video footage -- including rehearsals, soundcheck and Schenker with his guitar collection -- and a booklet containing biographies written by the musicians. Only 5,000 individually numbered sets will be made.

You can find the track listing for all 22 songs, as well as a Soundcloud widget containing full-length clips of the entire set, below.

Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock 'On a Mission : Live in Madrid' Track Listing

1. "Ocean Odyssey - Intro"
2. "Doctor Doctor"
3. "Live and Let Live"
4. "Lights Out"
5. "Where the Wild Winds Blow"
6. "Natural Thing"
7. "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead"
8. "Victim of Illusion"
9. "Lovedrive"
10. "Coast to Coast"
11. "Vigilante Man"
12. "Rock My Nights Away"
13. "Saviour Machine"
14. "Too Hot to Handle"
15. "Only You Can Rock Me"
16. "Lord of the Lost and Lonely"
17. "Rock You Like a Hurricane"
18. "Rock Bottom"
19. "Horizons"
20. "Attack of the Mad Axeman"
21. "Communion"
22. "Blackout"

Listen to Michael Schenker's Temple of Rock 'On a Mission : Live in Madrid'

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