I have a great view out of my studio at Townsquare Media.  In fact, I look out at the airport from the 23rd floor.  In the past couple of days, I have seen military planes flying over Billings. I decided to go up to the pullout/parking spot at the airport and watch these massive planes do touch and go's. The parking lot was packed and it was awesome to see them. That was on Thursday, so I thought I would call Billings Logan International Airport to find out where these planes were from and what they were doing. I Googled the number and called hoping I would get a reasonable answer to my simple question. No, I got the now-standard bored guy who lives in his mom's basement on the machine. "Please listen closely as our menu has changed. For airlines, press 1, for lost baggage press 2." I guess I'll have to run up to the airport again, go through security, take my shoes off and ask the lady at the coffee kiosk if she knows anything. It was just a simple question if only someone could answer a phone. On another note, why do businesses keep changing their menus on their phone automated crap?  Give me zero and let me talk to a real person.

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