Gene Sweeney Jr,Getty Images

What do you know about basketball?  Even if you don't feel that confident about your basketball picks, the best part about this bracket is it's free, so why not?

If you correctly predict 60 or more games, you win $10,000. If you correctly predict every game in the bracket, you win a million dollars!  You'll be playing against Sam and me. So, you've already got at least one person beat, me.

You can register now through Sunday March 15th.  You will then have from Sunday, March 13th until Thursday, March 17 to fill out brackets.  We’ll send out an email reminder, so you don’t forget to fill out your brackets. Bookmark this page – when the tournament starts up on March 18, you can keep checking back to see how you’re doing against other listeners and our DJs. Sign up, good luck.