We received a letter today from a couple who had been traveling  through our awesome city. Unfortunately their trip was marred by the loss of their beloved family dog. We've copied the letter into this post to help this couple reach as many people as possible.

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Shirley Holloway. I live in Peyton, CO, 8 miles out of Colorado Springs, CO. My husband is a truck driver. On Oct. 18, Thursday at 9:00pm he lost our dog pulling out of the Flying Jay truck stop at 2775 Old Hardin Road in Billings, MT. He left on I-90 heading west. Please be on the watch for Molly. She’s a really sweet dog. Here are pictures of her. She is a brown and white pit bull. If you find her, even if she’s dead, please let me know.

Missing: Molly
Breed: Pitbull
Description: Brown and White. Last seen wearing a BLUE Collar.
Last Known Location:

The Flying J Plaza at 2775 Old Hardin Road in Billings, Montana

Owner's Contact Information:

Shirley Holloway 719-439-1833

Shirley and Lester Holloway

Anyone who's ever know the joy of owning pet can understand how difficult this is for the Holloway family. You can keep help them best by sharing this with as many people as you can and keeping your own eyes out for this lost pup.