The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office got "real serious today" on social media with a Facebook post about the 'MOMO Challenge':

Last night Corporal Nichols took a report from a Lockwood parent about their 12 yoa child being selected for the MOMO Challenge.

Here is what the Momo Challenge is: People can access Momo through the Whatsapp of through Facebook. In order to meet Momo you will be given a series of tasks to complete. These tasks must be verified through pictures and/or video's taken. The tasks progressively become more violent and dangerous. The final task has been reported as being suicide or extreme violence.

This is a form of online intimidation and bullying. Momo will send tasks via messaging, face time and I watched a few youtube video's where Momo will call you. When Momo calls, the picture I have attached, will show as the caller. If you don't complete the tasks this is where the threats come in. Momo will threaten to kill you and/or harm your friends or family. These phone calls come late in the night. Our report last night was taken around 11pm. You and I know this is garbage, but do you think your kid would believe that? They do.......

Here is where your vigilance comes in. Don't trust unknown numbers. Change email passwords frequently. Block unknown numbers. Also, for your kids, do random audits on their phones. See what they are doing. Be a snoop in their phone. Let them know you will be doing these random audits. Tell then you love them. There are bad people out there.

Described as a form of cyber-bullying, comparisons are being made to the Blue Whale Challenge that influenced a 15-year old Texas boy to commit suicide in 2017 according to Fox News.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides confidential support for anyone in distress at 1-800-273-8244.


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