When you live somewhere, it's easy to take for granted all the unique things about it because, you know, you live there. You see it every day.

But for people who don't live where you do, they can see your home as an exciting getaway - they've read about it in books, they've seen the photos, and they've always dreamed of making their way out there. It becomes something they want to cross off of the bucket list.

Remember The Bucket List?

The Bucket List is a movie that came out towards the end of 2007 with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, about a couple of friends who cross off items on a list of things they need to do before they die.

If you haven't seen the movie - check it out! It's pretty good!

But I'm always fascinated when something from a movie or other pop culture crosses over and just becomes part of our language. A "bucket list" may have existed as a concept before the movie, but it was definitely the movie that put the phrase into popular usage - and now, even if someone hasn't seen the movie, they tend to know exactly what a bucket list is.

Do You Think Montana is a "Bucket List" State?

Thrillist put together this article titled, "This Beautiful, Rugged Mountain State Deserves a Spot on Your Bucket List." In it, they're talking about Montana, and all the incredible things it has to offer, from Glacier National Park to Flathead Lake to cowboy ghost towns and rich history and more.

It's a pretty great summation of just about everything that makes Montana great, and a good reminder that we live in a pretty special place. Everyone else has to figure out how to get here at some point before they die; we get to enjoy it all the time!

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